Experiencing the mountains

A popular destination for mountain lovers. The access roads to the Punta Penia Cabin Rifugio are:

From the glacier (read more)

Starting from the Castiglioni Marmolada Rifugio at Passo Fedaia, you go up to the beginning of the glacier and then cross it through crevices and rocks. The experience is thrilling, thanks both to the magnificent summits that you can observe during the ascent and to the glacial environment that can still be appreciated today. When you reach the peak you are presented with a beautiful balcony with a view that stretches out to the sea.

West ridge ferrata (read more)

As an alternative to the trail through the glacier there is the ferrata of the western ridge, which goes to the Marmolada mountain pass before ascending up to the summit. The circular route is certainly the most popular. From the lush larches and Swiss pines of the pass, you arrive at the Ciamorcià area with its mountain pines and alpine meadows, and as you go up these give way to pioneer vegetation, scree and periglacial rocks. You will then find the Giant’s Kettles, dug out by the melt water of the glacier, and a suggestive canyon, all that remains of an ancient volcanic vein that cut into the limestone;

From Val Contrin or Val Ombretta (read more)

Go up to the Marmolada mountain pass and then take the ferrata along the Northwest Ridge where you’ll find galleries and remnants of the First World War at an altitude of 3000 m;

Climbing routes on the south face (read more)

For more experienced mountaineers there are several climbing routes on the south face, “the silver wall”, that bring you near the rifugio, including the Tomasson way, which takes its name from the intrepid English climber who first climbed the face in 1904 together with the guides; the Soldà way, the legendary Micheluzzi way, the AlexAnna and the Larcher Vigiani.

On the roof of the Dolomites you can experience things that you wouldn’t in the valley!

Sleeping at 3300 metres above sea level gives you the possibility to acclimatise if your goal is to train your body to climb even higher peaks.

Fans of landscape photography must not miss out on the intense colours of the sunrise and sunset that pulse through the sky before their eyes without obstacles.

In the Cabin amateur radio enthusiasts can contact areas across Europe up to Scandinavia without radio links.

Mountain safety

Here at the top of the Marmolada, at an altitude of 3343 m, life is different than in the valley. Before the ascent make sure that you have good equipment. Call us for any further information, we will be happy to give you all the necessary details. Be sure to bring everything you brought with you back down in your backpack so as to make sue that the mountains remain a beautiful memory for everyone.


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